Consumer Insight Strategist

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  • Indianapolis, United States

Consumer Insight Strategist

Job description

Are you a Consumer Insight Strategist?

Do you tend to answer a question with a question? Why? (And is “Why?” your favorite question to follow a question with?) Do you have trouble deciding if you love quantitative more or less than qualitative, but would be willing to do some research to determine the answer? When you watch TV, do you mutter, “Oh, come on, your strategy is showing” at some point during every advertising break? Are you slightly skeptical about what people say, and prefer to judge them by what they actually do? Do you find yourself explaining to friends why other friends do things—and they all go, “Ohhh, yeah, I see that” when you’re done? Do you allow a little gap when chatting casually with strangers in the doctor’s office or grocery store, then say, “What makes you say that?” (And—what makes you say that?)


To be effective, the Consumer Insight Strategist must be:

  • Skilled at analyzing and interpreting a variety of information and data.
  • Up-to-date with cultural/social trends and consumer views and attitudes. 
  • Organized and detail oriented.
  • A collaborator, not a solo act. 
  • A solid writer.
  • A creative thinker. 
  • Curious and resourceful.