Manager of Information Services (MIS)

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Manager of Information Services (MIS)

Job description

Manager of Information Services (MIS)

The Manager of Information Services is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Young & Laramore’s technology/infrastructure, computer operations and help desk services. The position will support a cross-platform environment that includes a Dell/EMC SAN, an Extreme/Aerohive network, Sophos security platform, 75 Mac/PC endpoints, as well as Office 365 tenancy. This position must be able to tackle the complicated infrastructure problems, while still being kind and gentle to the end users they support on a daily basis. 

Specifically, the MIS is responsible for:

  1. Managing the activities of computer operations exclusive of programming functions. 
  2. Installment and maintenance and/or engineering and operations, including LAN and WAN networks. 
  3. Responding to inquiries and solving problems regarding day-to-day use of Agency-wide corporate/Client/department- specific systems/network.
  4. Analyzing, evaluating and/or designing existing or proposed systems relative to systems data.
  5. Reviewing vendor products (hardware/software and other communication equipment).
  6. Providing direction and staying current on new technologies and Agency applications
  7. Developing organization policies and procedures.

To be successful, the MIS will:

  1. Have a user first mentality. 
  2. Prioritize a stable infrastructure. (Spend the money you don’t see.)
  3. Understand what they don’t know. (That’s ok at Y&L.)
  4. Be a fast follower. (No need to be the first out of the gate—learn from others.)
  5. Go beyond the job description when needed. (Everyone pitches in on everything at Y&L.)
  6. Communicate successes AND failures. (No surprises.)


The ideal candidate should have 5 or more years’ experience with a broad infrastructure background, and will be very proficient in the following areas:

  1. Cross-platform interoperability.
  2. Supporting PCs and Macs using commercially available tools.
  3. Office 365, including Sharepoint, Teams and OneDrive
  4. People skills required for desktop support.

The ideal candidate should be functionally proficient in the following areas:

  1. Windows server, VM and SAN/NAS in a storage heavy environment.
  2. Data & network security practices.
  3. Backup hardware and software.
  4. Managing networking hardware (VLANs, WiFi, etc).